12 Video Content Marketing Trends 2021

Video Marketing Trends – 2021

We have witnessed the video marketing trends change and evolve from viral videos and mere 30-second ads to live videos and vlogs in the past few years.

Moreover, 2020 has further made almost all types of services and businesses move online. From large enterprises to local businesses, everyone is now more focused on putting all of their efforts into video and online marketing to adopt the new state of normalcy.’ 

New technologies have also helped make more engaging and exciting video formats like shoppable videos, brief videos, and 360-degree experiences.

But the main question is how businesses can incorporate those trends and technologies to improve their KPIs, performance metrics, and overall goals? 

Emerging Video Marketing Statistics 2021

  • In 2020 63% of mobile traffic is video, and this is set to grow to 76% by 2025. (Source)
  • 99% of Marketers will keep using video as marketing driver in 2021 (Source)

Therefore, to help businesses survive and thrive throughout 2021 in the best way possible, here are a few video marketing trends that have been shortlisted.

These trends are believed to dominate the video marketing spectrum. So, without any further ado, let’s read on with the following directions. 

More Live Video Streaming

Right now, the hottest and the most popular video marketing trend is live video streaming. Statistics show that in 2021, an average consumer in the US will have almost nine different video streaming applications installed on their tablets and mobile phones.

Suppose, on average, people have 80 applications installed by themselves on their tablets and phones. It means that more than 10% of the applications installed by individuals on their devices are video streaming applications. 

13 Tools for Live-streaming Video

Facebook Live

YouTube Live


Instagram Live Stories





Stage Ten

Switcher Studio







Furthermore, recent studies state that the streaming market worldwide has rapidly grown in recent years. The video marketing industry was worth $104.11 billion I’m 2019, which witnessed a jump of almost 55% to $161.37 billion in 2020

For instance, live video streaming on Facebook offers the best organic engagement and reach in yesteryear.

Socialbakers, one of the top social media marketing solution companies, has revealed that Facebook Live is the most exciting feature on the application in their report.

However, it is also the least used feature for video marketing. Therefore, it is a fantastic untapped scope for smart marketers in 2021. 

Thus, social media has drastically changed the overall business landscape.

It has successfully reduced the gap between consumers and brands by offering them a platform that they can use to interact with each other on a more personalized level.

Live videos hook audiences 3x times longer and generate 6x times more interactions compared to pre-recorded videos. 

Short Form Videos

The short-form video marketing trend has gripped the market ever since the launch of TikTok, and it got further boosted with the inception of Instagram Reels.

What is short-form video content?

Any video, which has length of less than 3 minutes can be considered as short-form video content.

It will continue to trend the market throughout 2021 and a few more years. 

This video type offers excellent monetization opportunities to the content creators, provides an improved outlook, enhances video editing tools, and the possibility of selling services and products directly through the Reels.

2021 will witness a wider adoption of Instagram Reels and Tiktok videos in different businesses’ marketing strategies. 

Take the example of TikTok.

They have taken the world of social media by storm and stand as the fastest growing social media application and platform that has a hit of almost 1.2 billion active users monthly since the beginning of 2021.

Hence, energetic, fast-paced, and short-form videos are a significant marketing trend that businesses can focus on to boost their marketing campaign. 

4 Best Platforms for Short-Video Content

  1. TikTok
  2. YouTube Shorts
  3. Instagram Reels
  4. Triller
  5. Hippo Video
  6. Magisto by Vimeo

User-Generated Video Content

Nothing can go wrong with user-generated content as they are fun, trustworthy, and authentic. We live in a world where posts are Facebooked, images are Instagrammed, and feelings are tweeted.

Therefore, when anyone has an opinion, it is easily accessible to the whole internet community within just a fraction of seconds.

User-generated video contents are perfect for cutting through the hub-hub of a cluttered and highly competitive digital landscape.

This is because only 25% of the consumers trust advertisements and 70% trust customer opinions.

Moreover, in today’s world, it is easier for anyone to research and review customer opinions. 

User-generated contents are vital components of video content and marketing strategies as they are highly effective in attracting target audience and maintaining their engagement.

For instance, the user-generated videos present on Youtube have 10x times more views compared to branded content.

Besides, it was also seen that the target audience that visits a website through a user-generated video spends twice the time on the website compared to other times.  

These videos are also known for converting viewers into sales. According to statistics, the percentage of the viewers landing on any e-commerce website by watching user-generated content and completing a purchase is 184% higher.

This becomes particularly effective when dealing with industries that are majorly driven by consumer or user opinion, such as the beauty, health, and travel industry. 

More Online Training and Educational Videos

Videos have always been considered a useful learning tool. They cater to both visual and auditory senses that makes it easier for the educators to provide compelling and valuable simulations, how-to tutorials, and instructor-led lectures.

Businesses can leverage online training and educational videos to attract more leads.

Nowadays, ads have become dull and intrusive content that the viewers hardly like.

GlobalWebIndex has stated that more than 47% of the global internet users block ads whenever and wherever they can using ad-blocking applications.

Therefore, you can avoid such situations by investing your resources in making informative content.

As they are not ads, you have to ensure that your content is search-engine optimized to make it noticeable to your target audience.

Furthermore, the aim of these videos is not to sell but to educate. Hence, if your videos are interesting, then the leads will be automatically converted into consumers.

For example, HubSpot, a well-known SaSs company, has used this video content strategy to boost its brand presence. They had various resources on the strategy of their field.

Hence, they shared their knowledge on their YouTube channel and blogs through online training and educational videos. 

These videos offer software solutions and allow businesses to develop as thought leaders to the target audience in their respective industries. 

Video Advertising Growth

Every passing year, every digital video ad’s expenditure figure increases, which significantly proves the video advertising industry’s need and growth.

In 2020, the expenditure spent behind video advertisements in the United States had touched $9.95 billion.

Experts have stated that they believe this amount will increase by 13% in 2021 and touch $11.24 billion. Moreover, this figure promises to rise in the upcoming few years and reach $12.66 billion by the end of 2024. 

The expansion of the video advertising industry is not expressing any signs of halting that further makes it a fantastic opportunity for digital marketers to create engaging videos.

In order words, by 2024, it can be expected that the expenditure spent behind video advertisements by brands in the US will almost grow by 41.9%. 

Hence, you can expect that as time goes, the video content industry will get more competitive, which would make it more difficult for you to make a name for yourself if you are not following and incorporating the right trend into your marketing strategy right now. 

Interactive Video Content in 2021

As customers have higher expectations these days more than ever, interactive videos will surely help you capture your target audience’s attention.

These days you need to do more than just offering quality products and good services to acquire a loyal and consistent customer base. Today you have to provide tech-forward, unique experiences to gravitate the customers towards your brand.

Almost 75% of consumers expect brands and businesses to leverage exciting, new technologies for building improved experiences for them. 

Virtual and augmented reality makes it easier for people to create interactive videos for their brands.

Over ¼ of global video marketers now use interactive videos as a channel. Hence, experts have predicted that the number of people using interactive videos in their marketing strategy would increase by 2021.

For example, famous brands such as the makeup brand Maybelline have used interactive video as a vital part of their marketing campaign.

They have used this trend for launching their product line in Europe and North America.

They made a step-by-step, interactive makeup tutorial that featured their new products and attracted many potential consumers. 

Other examples include brands like IKEA and Disney who have adopted interactive videos with virtual and augmented reality into the online content.

Through it, they have allowed the consumers to use technology for visualizing the products first before buying them.

The Rise of Shoppable Videos

Shoppable videos have quickly picked up the steam since 2020.

What makes them edgy is the buying links featured in the video ads that will take the audience directly to the product. Although Snapchat and Instagram Stories are pioneers of this type of video content, the technique is gradually turning more sophisticated.

As the world of e-commerce is growing, more brands have started to offer seamless shopping experiences to their consumers. 

Through shoppable videos, businesses can provide interactive experiences to potential buyers to directly buy the product advertised on the video content.

Therefore, buyers no longer have to waste their time and efforts searching for the products. This makes the buying process easier and faster for both the consumers and the businesses.

These videos will remain popular throughout 2021 and beyond.

The engagement rate, such as conversion and click-through rate of shoppable videos, has exceeded traditional advertising.

For instance, Clinch, a US tech company that helps brands to incorporate shoppable features into video advertisements, has stated that these services have become high in demand across their clients.      

Personalized Videos

Personalized videos are customized for every individual viewer.

It is achieved by integrating personal elements like the viewer’s name, profile image, job title, email, company logo, company name, and more into the video.

Unlike creating original, separate videos for everyone individually, personalized videos leverage technology that allows the creators to insert personalized elements effortlessly.

Users can even send the same video with different customized details to each receiver with specific tools or platforms. 

Therefore, thousands of individuals can receive the same type of personalized video that would still differ.

Moreover, personalization technology can be applied and used to make videos customized for a group, like a vertical, industry, or a company. Such videos mostly include company names, text points, and logos. 

Some of the benefits of investing in personalized videos include building strong relationships with the consumers, improved engagement, higher click-through rates, and more.

According to Salesforce, more than 58% of the consumers state that personalized experiences play a vital role in developing strong relationships with the consumers, improved engagement, higher click-through rates, and more.

According to Salesforce, more than 58% of the consumers state that personalized experiences play a vital role in purchasing decisions. These videos make the viewers acknowledged and intrigue them, which helps increase the click-through rates. 

Virtual Events Are Here To Say

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our perspective on in-person events.

Today, eight out of ten event organizers conduct their events on different online platforms to limit the coronavirus’s spread and allow everyone to participate in the events from any part of the world. 

Virtual events have significantly caught the attention of people worldwide. Even with the possibility of in-person events and lesser restrictions, virtual events will continue to be preferred by both businesses and viewers.

They will either complement in-person events or be held as a standalone after the pandemic ends. 

Furthermore, as holding events online offers a wide range of benefits, 48% of event planners want the attendees to opt for online, virtual events than in-person ones.

As for the attendees, virtual events save on traveling time as people from all over the world can attend multiple events simultaneously from the comfort of their home or office in just a few clicks.

Event organizers do not have to pay for accommodation rent for both the event and the attendees regarding virtual events. 

Animated Explainer Videos

These are short videos that illustrate complex ideas in meaningful, engaging, and simple ways in 120 seconds.

These days, content marketers have been using these videos as a powerful resource for describing services and products in a meaningful way that resonates with their target audience’s pain-points.

Explainer videos often distill complex and wide-ranging ideas into a simple, viewer-friendly package that gives the users a better idea of the company and its importance or products. 

In other words, animated explainer videos will introduce your service or product as the best available solution in the market.

Besides, incorporating these videos in the marketing strategy helps the business increase conversions, foster brand awareness, reduce bounce rates, and generate leads.

Some of the industries that mostly invest in these videos include marketing and advertising, information technology, healthcare, financial services, and education.

Nevertheless, there are various types of animated explainer videos that you can make, such as motion graphics, character-driven, product simulation, chalkboard, and infographics. 


Among most internet users, vlogs are another popular form of video content for online viewing habits.

According to recent studies, over 44% of the global internet users watch vlogs than other video content every month. Initially, individuals make vlogs to document their day-to-day life, express themselves, showcase their talents, and share their expertise.

Moreover, in recent years, we have also seen micro-influencers, celebrities, and several brands leverage vlogs to interact with their audience. 

Vlog reinforces the marketing strategy of businesses by allowing them to humanize their brand.

The unfiltered and raw feel of vlogs helps businesses connect with their consumers on a more personal level. This way, you can make your brand more authentic and approachable that will further motivate your consumers to stay loyal to your brand. Multiple vlog editing tools make creating vlogs easy and fun too. 

Take the example of Goop, a lifestyle brand by Gwyneth Paltrow.

The brand has been recently investing in vlogs for their YouTube channel through which they publish various updates on how to use the products and their overall brand.

Besides, Gwyneth also uses the vlogs to share her skincare routine, daily activities, and favorite activities to better connect with the audience. Some of their vlogs even feature customers and staff members of the company that boost their online presence. 

Video for Sales Marketing

1:1, also known as sales videos, are made with the sole purpose of boosting the sales process.

The salesperson sends the videos to potential clients to create a connection, build a rapport, and simplify complex information. However, sales marketing videos are different from commercial or promotional videos as they do not fall under the category of high production venture.

These videos are simple and created and personalized for a particular prospect to watch.

Most typical sales videos address the lead by acknowledging their and their company’s name. Through these videos, businesses invite the viewers to participate in the sales process. This can include signing a contract, booking a meeting, or replying to an email. 

Sales marketing videos are famous for offering 8x more open-to-reply rates and 5x more open rates to businesses.

Apart from that, videos also help in building trust and authenticity among the target audience. The videos feature both auditory and visual features of an individual or group of individuals, making it easier to build business relationships.

Besides, these videos can be used in various ways such as product demonstration, explaining complex information, meeting reminders, recap emails, prospect emails, and more. 

Conclusion: The Future of Video Marketing

Over 95% of the consumers worldwide report wanting to watch videos from different businesses and brands in 2021, making video the perfect tool for building brand awareness and creating lead generation.

This list overviews some of the most exciting and largest video marketing trends that will rule the market in 2021. 

Keeping yourself updated with these trends will help you to make your marketing strategy more effective.

It would also help you invest your resources in fruitful trends that would provide you with go-to solutions for your overall business goals. 

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