Online Learning: A Cure All in the Time of Pandemic


Rise of Online E-Learning

Many educational institutions in India follow the traditional way of teaching, which means that they still provide face-to-face lectures in schools, colleges & universities. Although some of them have changed their mindsets related to the old ways of providing the education, still most of them are stuck with the ancient criteria.

But nowadays, the situation of Corona Virus, the pandemic, as mentioned by WHO, has suddenly hit the whole education system and made all the teachers provide online classes.

Though, the Era of the Computer and Internet Technology has made the education less pressurized and easy.

You call it online Learning, E-learning or Web based learning; it has changed the education system from Teacher-centered to Learner-centered.

Though the use of cell phone also has negative impacts on the children, yet it is the Need of the Hour. Online Learning or E-Learning is basically the learning through internet access.

It is more innovative, attractive and attention seeking as compared to the physical classroom or you can call it Offline Teaching.

The teachers are forced to shift to online procedure due to the sudden outburst of the disease because it is the only option they have now to continue their teaching.

The deadly disease has affected the education globally. The article discuss about the ‘necessity and importance of Online Learning, its strength, weaknesses and challenges or how to deal with it’, faced by the education system as well as the educators during the time of “The Pandemic”.

Rise of Online Learning

The Rise of Online Learning has put so many challenges for teachers as well as the learners, yet it is one of the most effective ways to get education with more efficiency and effective results.

It is like a roller-coaster ride for parents, teachers and students as some of the parents are dealing with so many problems like children are not cooperating with them at the time of online classes and wasting their time playing games on the mobile phones, watching videos all the time and spending most of their time on social media.

However, the new online teaching method is getting everyone involved at home. But Covid-19 is the only reason due to which the parents are more interested in online education than ever before.

The Corona virus has shut the doors of schools, colleges or universities, offices, industries in India and everyone is forced to live an indoor life staying at home and working accordingly. 

Need & Importance of Online Learning

Advantages & disadvantages:

  • Working from home and internet access has become a trend in these pandemic days. Online learning has become an important part of the life of the people as they are attending their school and college classes online and working from home. The increasing phase of E-learning is providing efficient time to the learners to enhance their knowledge, acquiring new skills, and doing courses as per their interests, using extra time to explore. 
  • Online education literally provides hundreds of platforms for learning. There is heavy demand for online courses in India as more and more people desire for meaningful learning. 
  • There are a number of companies that are offering so many online courses to the young learners or students according to their need and personal interests. Online learning is more convenient though. 
  • Students are getting more prepared for the competitive exams through online learning. As the deadly disease has locked the doors of education for the students and made a large gap in their studies, the online learning has played a Heroic role in their lives so as to fill the gap that is created. 
  • Live lectures seems like Audio-Visual Aid to the students to make them learn effectively in a different way at their own pace of learning because every learner has their own potential and understanding level.
  • Online learning is easily accessible and can reach in all the areas. Students get lifelong education through online mode and it is cheaper too. Online courses like content writing, computer language course, digital marketing are among the most trending courses. The wide range of courses has given learners the opportunity to perfect their skill to work from home.
  • Professionals are being more creative and innovative through online learning as they have enough time to work and doing extra things staying at home. 
  • Online learning is worthy as the time of pandemic has come. The burden of the offline teaching on educators has become low as they operate the whole classroom online with 40-50 students at a time on a video call using all the benefits of the advanced technology. 
  • Hand-work for teachers and the learners is reduced which is also time-saving. The use of laptops and mobile phones with internet access has increased so far that the students are able to learn and interact with their teachers anywhere, anytime at any place. 
  • As students or working professionals need flexibility, online mode of education gives them the opportunity to schedule their work or plan their time-table accordingly. The rise of online learning is more beneficial than challenging. 
  • It does give rise to a brand new qualitative learning. Weekly online sessions have made learning easier for the learners as they feel less burdened. Education was a burden for the learners earlier. Now it’s like a hobby for them to sit on the chair and take out their cell phones and laptops in hand and explore the internet. 
  • Learners get instant feedback and get immediate response from the educators. The social interactions have made learners participate in the online activities whether it’s their assignments or objective exams.
  • Teachers taking online classes on Zoom app and Google meet facing the poor internet connection and students texting each other rather than listening to them in the online class.
  • Online learning requires you to be an Active learner and only you are responsible for your own learning.

Teachers in Online class

Teachers are more familiar and feel more connected to the students in online teaching. They give lessons on whatsapp or iPads or share their desktop screen to show them what they want to make them learn whether it’s a video, picture or PPT.

A Delhi’s Sanskriti School teacher Shrawasti Ganguli who is the head of English department and has been managing the classes for class 12 and observing 10th standard students as well.

She says that, “it is not about academics, they should have some routine because everything is so unhealthy and shadowy these days. Globally, the teachers and educators are adapting to a whole new mode of teaching recording videos and audios for the online sessions, trying to avoid their physical appearance that how they look in front of the students (yes, of course they are also conscious about their looks sometimes).

That’s how the teachers are taking online classes in the time of crisis. Sometimes, it can be a lonely experience for educators while teaching online classes without any peer support.

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