Top 6 Free Online Video Tools For Teachers To Create Videos Online Digital Classes

With the whole world going on lockdown, everything has become online. Not being able to step out of the home has pushed everyone to find other ways to work and do other significant things.

The rise of online E-learning

The whole world has adapted to this drastic step quickly, and so has the education sector. The whole education ecosystem has been affected and because of Corona pandemic, over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. Educators and learners have to be on the same page as far as online learning is concerned.

1. Video consumption and engagement is up

Remote learning 

Online teaching video tools have made teaching easier for the education sector. The best six video tools for online teaching are:

Animoto – Slideshow videos

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a free online video-making tool.

Teachers can use this online platform to make slideshows as a part of their lessons. It is effortless to get the hang of it as you have to drag and drop the images you want to incorporate in the lecture.

Animoto Review

You can also add video clips with the photos and make a whole slideshow according to your whims and fancies. Customizing the slideshow is very easy to do on this platform.

You can add the audio along with the slideshow. You can even add your recordings to go along with the slideshow. Animoto also provides you with several templates that you can choose from to give your slideshows extra liveliness.

You can select a storyboard or make one from scratch, then add your images, recordings, and videos and put a personal effect to it by changing the colors and the design.

You upload all of this on Animoto, and then you end up with a super cool video in a matter of minutes.

Share this with your students and watch how your students love all your lectures. You can also make family videos and birthday and anniversary videos with Animoto.

Animoto Pricing

Animoto also has a paid version which is an upgrade to the free version.

The paid version provides several extra customization tools and allows you to shed off the Animoto branding in the videos. The upgraded version gives you options to subscribe annually or monthly.

The annual plan is divided as a professional option at $180/year and the team option at $468/year. In the team option, 3 users can use the account. The monthly professional option is priced at %29/month and the team option is priced at $79/month.

Flixtime-product quality videos

What is Flixtime?

Flixtime is spectacular software for making high-quality videos. Flixtime is also free and allows you to customize your videos. You can create high-resolution videos here and add your own photos and videos or choose from the stock of pictures and templates already available.

However, flixtime has a policy of charging up to $1 for images from its stock images at Fotolia.

Flixtime provides a massive array of video and images template, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment and location that one has to endure when recording a live lecture in a classroom.

Flixtime allows you also to handpick the audio from its huge database. You can add your notes as text with the images very quickly.

With only three simple steps, you can make an attractive and attention-seeking lecture at Flixtime.

It also has an innovative feature where you can drop the image you want in the search box and get a massive range of memorable pictures of the same type.

You will get used to it over time as it can be overwhelming initially with so many features to pick from.

Powtoon – Animated Presentations

What is Powtoon?

Powtoon is a platform that permits you to make attractive sessions for your students.

Powtoon Review

This platform calls itself a visual communication platform. It has a free as well as a paid version.

The free version allows you to make 3 minutes length maximum with 100mb storage and 100 recordings.

The videos are in HD and are produced with the Powtoon branding. Like other such platforms, it lets you subscribe to it either monthly or yearly.

Powtoon Pricing

For the yearly option, you get two options.

The first is called ‘pro’ at $89/month, and the other is ‘pro +’ billed at $197/month. For the annual plans you pay $228 for the pro option, and the pro + option is priced at $708. The yearly plan also gives another option and is billed at $708 yearly.

The pro option provides you with Full HD 5 premium exports, permits you to make videos of 10 minutes long maximum with 2GB storage and 200 recordings.

It also has features such as videos without powtoon branding removed and allows you to download the video as MP4, and provides privacy control, 24/7 priority support and commercial use rights.

You also get access to some royalty-free music and objects.

The pro+ option also provides all the same features as a pro, along with character outfit customization.

In the pro+ option, you can make Full HD videos for up to 20 minutes and gives you 300 recordings, unlimited access to royalty-free music and objects, and 10GB storage.

The agency option, which is only available annually, provides all the features that pro and pro+ options give and has a lot more.

The extra added benefits include character face customization, character brand customization, third-party resell rights, upload custom fonts, and advanced animation and gives unlimited access to royalty-free music and objects.


What is Edpuzzle?

Edpuzzle was founded in 2013 to provide a platform to teachers to teach more engagingly with visual and audio aids.

It has also taken impressive strides in teaching remotely in this lockdown era. It is a straightforward platform to teach and employs tools to focus on one student at a time.

You have to choose a video, add your questions to it, and assign it to your class. Edpuzzle is dedicated to create a massive database of video classes and establish the most effective online education platform. At the same time, if you are a person who has problems with technology, then Edpuzzle is as easy as it gets. You can add your recordings to customize it according to your notion. Click on the signup option on the website and click on ‘I’m a teacher.’ Teaching on Edpuzzle requires you to find a video on YouTube or use your video or use any other video and edit it on Edpuzzle. 

EdPuzzle Pricing

EdPuzzle has two basic plans.

The free version allows you to store 20 videos to teach in your account. However, you can increase this number by referring other teachers to Edpuzzle and working as a promoter for Edpuzzle.

Every successful referral will earn you, and the person referred three extra video spaces.

The second paid version is called the pro version. You can get a pro license for your whole school, which provides you with additional benefits that include specially designed curriculums for your students along with dedicated support.

The teachers get unlimited storage space along with training and coaching. You can request a quote for your school on the website, but if you want an individual pro account, you can get it for $11.50 per month.


What is Vidyard?

Vidyard is an online video hosting for businesses. Vidyard can also be used as an online teaching platform.

It provides you with four options.

The first option is free, allowing you to do the basic things like creating, record, upload, and host videos, and provide a chrome extension and a mobile application version.

It offers view notifications, video view counts 5 embeds, seo, custom thumbnails, and video editing features.

The second is the Pro version, which is priced at $15/month and the extra benefits presented are 20 embeds, removal of Vidyard branding, allows on-page replies, video performance insights, and password protects videos.

The third is the teams’ option priced at $30/month and suited for three users and above.

It has many options that allow you to get together with several teachers, make lesson plans, and make interactive sessions for your students.

This option will enable you to organise folders and lets you caption videos manually. It gives a viewer contacts center that lets you monitor your students and provides priority support.

The last is ‘business’ and priced at $1250/month. It provides you with an uploader widget and many more benefits as a scheduled video release option and custom user permissions. 

Hippo Video

What is Hippo Video?

Hippo Video is an online video curating tool. It also lets you make lesson plans for your students.

You get a free version, but you can try the paid versions for free for seven days.

You get a free version that provides you with unlimited videos, a 15-minute recording limit, 1GB/month bandwidth with 480 resolution.

Hippo Video Pricing

No hippo video watermark makes it stand apart from the others. The $5/month pack provides you with unlimited videos, a 1-hour recording limit, 10GB/month bandwidth with 720 resolution.

The classroom pack is priced at $9/month and allows unlimited videos, 2 hours recording limit, 50GB/month bandwidth with 1080 resolution.

You can use it with one teacher and up to 40 students at a time. You receive features like student video recording, pro editing, importing of videos, start and end cards, and Gmail, zoom, and D2L integration.

This plan is focused on giving your students the perfect classroom experience. You can try it 7 days for free.

You can take monthly, quarterly or yearly plans. You can use GIF markers, markup tools, and custom thumbnails to make your classes more friendly and easy to understand.

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