19 Best Email marketing tool for nonprofits

Every business needs a strong marketing team to flourish. And digital marketing is slowly and gradually taking center stage. If you need your company or firm, be it non-profit or profit-driven, to thrive, the right way is to go ahead and opt for digital marketing methods as conventional and traditional advertising methods. They are very expensive and not as effective. Non-profit organizations and profit-motivated organizations should also employ digital marketing methods to expand their organization. E-mail marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools which you can utilize to get to your desired audience:

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1. AWeber email marketing

AWeber is an amazing platform for all of your digital marketing needs.

AWeber features

AWeber provides excellent e-mail marketing services.

  • You can design stunning e-mail designs
  • Compelling landing pages along with web push notifications.
  • You can create striking e-mails without any coding required with the drag-and-drop e-mail creation feature. 

Aweber Pricing:

 You get access to a free template library. And as they provide a free service where you can have up to 500 subscribers, they are appropriate for non-profit organisations. The paid version starts from $16.15/month and reaches up to $146.15/month billed annually, which allows you to have a maximum of 25000 subscribers.

2. MailerLite Email Marketing

MailerLite lets you generate leads, sales, and revenue.

Mailer Lite Email Marketing Features

  • It allows you to create e-mail marketing campaigns with the help of a great drag-and-drop e-mail creator.
  • You get access to all the latest e-mail automation features.
  • You get access to a rich text editor along with a custom HTML editor.
  • You can also create a Newsletter with the wide array of newsletter templates.
  • At the same time, it also lets you run e-commerce campaigns.
  • It allows you to personalize and segment all the e-mails. You can create promotion pop-ups along with e-mail automation.

Mailer Lite Email Marketing Pricing: 

You get a free plan where you can send out 12000 e-mails to up to 1000 subscribers. The paid plans start from $10/month to $50/month, where you can have a maximum of 10000 subscribers.

3. Hubspot E-mail Marketing

Hubspot e-mail is a terrific e-mail marketing tool for increasing engagement with your audience.

Hubspot E-mail Marketing Features

  • You can redesign the look and feel of your e-mails.
  • Also, you can add personalization effects to your e-mail campaigns. It helps you to enhance e-mail open and clickthrough rates.
  • You can create dazzling e-mails without any coding or needing any IT team.
  • Hubspot allows you to optimize your e-mail automation campaign by providing detailed analysis and reports to you.
  • Hubspot has an arsenal of online marketing tools that you can also employ to expand your non-profit organization.

Hubspot E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

You can try a free trial at Hubspot.

There are three pricing plans. The first is the starter plan priced at $45/month, the second is the professional plan priced at $800/month, and the third plan is the enterprise plan priced at $3200/month.

4. ActiveCampaign E-mail Marketing

ActiveCampaign allows you to expand your online presence with the help of e-mail marketing.

ActiveCampaign E-mail Marketing

  • It enables you to make dynamic content for your subscription forms.
  • You can create e-mail campaigns that allow you to work in trigger e-mails that help you increase your sales and revenue.
  • You can create targeted e-mails for the right audience and make sure that they get acknowledged with the help of creative and brilliant e-mails.
  • They provide pre-designed e-mails and themes which you can customise edit to dazzle your audience.
  • Design E-mail automation that lets you convert potential leads into paying customers.

5. ActiveCampaign E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

There are four plans that you can choose from.

You can go for the lite version priced at $9/month, the plus plan priced $49/month, the professional plan priced at $129/month, or the enterprise plan priced at $229/month.

6. Omnisend E-mail Marketing

Omnisend is a leading e-mail marketing and sms marketing platform that makes it appropriate for non-profit organisations.

Omnisend E-mail Marketing Features

  • It lets you create appealing e-mails for your firm.
  • It has a friendly interface that enables you to create a strong e-mail campaign without learning all the technical processes.
  • With a few clicks, you can increase your online presence.
  • It helps you create newsletters and campaigns with automated e-mails and, at the same time, lets you reach the desired customer or audience.
  • At the same time, they have excellent content migration support.

Omnisend E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

Omnisend allows you to use their services for free, where you can send out up to 15000 e-mails. The standard plan is charged at $16/month, and the pro plan is $99/month. There is also an enterprise plan specially tailored for you, and you can request it.

7. Constant Contact E-mail Marketing

Constant Contact provides easy-to-use mailing features to create a buzz about your organization with the correct audience.

Constant Contact E-mail Marketing Features

They have an easy-to-use effective feature that reduces your marketing labor to half. The drag-and-drop e-mail editor helps you in creating e-mails that are good to look at on all devices. It lets you design engaging welcome e-mails for new subscribers.

Constant Contact E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

They have two plans for e-mail marketing. The first is named e-mail and is priced at $20/month. The second is called e-mail plus and is priced at $45/month.

8. Benchmark E-mail Marketing

Benchmark, e-mail marketing software, assists you by providing inputs and ideas for creating e-mail for your subscribers.

Benchmark E-mail Marketing Features

They help you with lead generation, e-mail automation, marketing automation, and many more services. You also receive detailed reports of your campaign.

Benchmark E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

They have three plans, and the first is free to use and provides a limited range of their services. The second is the pro version charged at $13/month, and the third is the enterprise plan customized for you according to your needs.

9. Campaign Monitor E-mail Marketing

Campaign Monitor offers hundreds of e-mail marketing campaigns to choose from. You can choose the one that is best suited for your organization.

Campaign Monitor E-mail Marketing Features

  • It lets you augment your online presence with impressive e-mail creating templates and themes.
  • It helps you create beautiful e-mails with a personalization effect.
  • You can also create event-specific e-mails to endear your organization to your audiences.
  • You can make customized e-mails for particular clients to increase client engagement.

Campaign Monitor E-mail Marketing Pricing: 

Campaign Monitor offers you a free demo. They have impressive other pricing plans, namely basic priced at $9/month, unlimited at $29/month, and premier-priced at $149/month.

10. GetResponse E-mail Marketing

GetResponse has a very hands-off approach for its customers as it does all of the work for you.

GetResponse E-mail Marketing Features

You get unlimited landing pages with it.

  • An import feature is its contact scoring and tagging features.
  • It lets you arrange webinars for which it provides dedicated support.
  • They assist with content migration. It has an outstanding e-mail marketing and automation builder.

GetResponse E-mail Marketing Pricing:

GetResponse is an excellent tool that provides affordable plans for all sizes of organizations. The basic plan is priced at $15/month. The plus plan is priced at $49/month. The professional plan is priced at $99/month. The last max plan can be customized for your company, and you can request a quote accordingly.

11. VerticalResponse E-mail Marketing

Vertical Response has user-friendly e-mail marketing software where you can create and send striking e-mails to your audience.

VerticalResponse E-mail Marketing Features

  • Create newsletters, promotional e-mails, and pop-up messages for your clients.
  • You can try it for free also.
  • They provide live customer support if you ever run into any trouble.

VerticalResponse E-mail Marketing Pricing:

The paid basic plan is priced at $11/month, and the paid pro plan is priced at $16/month.

12. Salsa Labs E-mail Marketing

Salsa Labs is a platform that designs e-mail marketing tools, especially for non-profits.

Salsa Labs E-mail Marketing Features

  • They help you attract the support of interest and concerned supporters by delivering the right kind of message.
  • They allow you to target and segment prospective supporters.
  • It also has a lead generation to convert interested people into active donators.

Salsa Labs E-mail Marketing Pricing:

They do not have a set pricing plan. You have to request a quote that keeps your organization’s needs and size in mind.

13. Drip E-mail Marketing

Drip allows you to create top-notch personalized e-mails that can your non-profit grow.

Drip E-mail Marketing Features

  • You can optimize your marketing tools for your organization with the help of this platform.
  • It is very convenient and simple to use.
  • They also have Drip experts that guide you with your marketing campaigns.

Drip E-mail Marketing Pricing:

Drip offers one plan that is priced at $19/month and allows you to send unlimited e-mails to up to 15000 subscribers.

14. Zoho Campaigns E-mail Marketing

Zoho Campaigns claims that it offers effortless features that deliver strong results.

Zoho Campaigns E-mail Marketing Features

  • They help you schedule your mailing list
  • Sending mailing life at the appropriate time so that they have maximum effect on your potential donors.
  • It saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • lets you create personalised e-mails that let you stay in touch with your subscribers.
  • This software uses behavioural targeting so that you get the most out of your campaigns.

Zoho Campaigns E-mail Marketing Pricing:

They provide three pricing plans.

The first is e-mail based plan priced at 75/month, the second is a subscriber-based plan priced at 225/month, and the last is pay by e-mail credits priced at 150/month.

15. Mailchimp Email Marketing

Mailchimp is one of the software that provides e-mail automation and marketing and aids you with auto responders also. They are very helpful s they hook you up with a creative assistant for all of your needs. You can create unlimited landing pages with the help of unlimited automation templates. 

Pricing: It has four pricing plans. The first is free. The second essentials plan is priced at 770/month. The third standard plan is priced at 1150/month. And the last premium plan is priced at 23000/month. You can choose any of the four options based on your business requirements.

16. SendGrid Email Marketing

SendGrid is a bulk e-mail marketing provider. Create eye-catching e-mails that pique the interest of potential supporters to be convinced and converted to real supporters. They create extensive e-mail workflow charts for your organization. You can create your e-mails from scratch or use one of their templates from their huge database. The drag-and-drop e-mail creator helps you bring your personal touch and add rich multimedia to your e-mails.

Pricing: it offers a free plan in addition to 3 paid plans. The first is the essential plan priced at $14.95/month. The second is the pro plan which costs $89.95/month, and the third is the premier plan is custom priced.

17. SendPulse Email Marketing

SendPulse is another bulk e-mail service provider. It allows you to create successful e-mail marketing campaigns with attractive and cheap e-mail creators.

SendPulse Email Marketing Features

  • With their e-mail automation feature, you are informed when and how to send out your e-mails depending on your client’s or supporter’s actions.
  • Their lead nurturing feature apprises potential supporters and helps them make a decision.
  • With their flawless features, there is zero room for error.

SendPulse Email Marketing Pricing:

You can send out e-mails to 500 subscribers for free. Above that, you have to pay $6.4/month to $5600/month, depending upon the number of subscribers you plan to engage.

18. SendX Email Marketing

SendX provides you with several bulk e-mail campaigns to choose from.

SendX Email Marketing Features

  • This reasonably priced and intuitive e-mail marketing tool helps you expand your organisation’s realm digitally.
  • You can create broadcast e-mails and receive detailed reports for the number of clicks and calls to action.
  • You can design your forms and e-mails with convenient themes and templates.
  • They let you have a hands-free approach with the help of the e-mail automation feature.

SendX Email Marketing Pricing:

SendX has multiple plans for you to choose from. The cheapest option starts from $7.49/month, which allows you to have 1000 subscribers. The most expensive option is priced at $59.99/month, which enables you to have 15000 subscribers.

19. Moosend Email Marketing

Moosend works as the ultimate place for all of your marketing needs for all kinds of businesses and organizations.

Moosend Email Marketing Features

  • It helps you enhance your organisation with exciting e-mail marketing and automation features.
  • It aids you in converting potential customers into real paying customers by generating leads for you.
  • It has a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface that anyone can operate.

Moosend Email Marketing Pricing:

They are the most affordable e-mail marketing tool out there. They provide you a free plan, and the paid plan named as pro only costs you $8/month. The enterprise plan is edited and tailored for your business. Thus its rate is customized and quoted accordingly by Moosend.

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