Top 14 SEO Software

Top 14 SEO Software

The competition to be at the top of the industry is getting tougher and more challenging every day. Every business has to make a website, do extensive advertisements, and have a robust online presence. But the key to all of this SEO, i.e., search engine optimization. It is essential to have the best website with enhanced tools.

Today we will talk about the top 14 SEO software available for you to add to your online presence extra glitz.

1) SEMRush

This software is online visibility management. It offers an SEO tool kit that allows you to unearth both national and local keywords.

SEMRush Review

You can analyze the backlink profile of any domain and, at the same time, run a technical SEO audit. You can track the SERP position of your website daily. It is one of the easiest ways to expand organic traffic with easy and simple SEO tools.

SEMRush Pricing

You can try the plans for free, but you can go for Pro plan, Guru plan, or business plan after the free trial expires. They are priced at

  • $119.00 per month,
  • $229.00 per month, and
  • $449.00 per month, respectively.

Semrush also allows you to customize your plan, and you can contact them with your situation, and they will provide a plan just for you.


This is an innovative tool for you to expand the growth of your business. It is a one-stop-shop for all your requirements.


It helps you with

  • keyword research,
  • search analytics advertising analysis,
  • content marketing ideation, competitor research, rank tracking, market intelligence,
  • on-page audit, reports and infographics,
  • API, and
  • backlinks analysis.

You can boost your website with domain and URL analysis, missing keywords, and tree-view analytics and provides you with site and page audits with custom reports.

SERPStat Pricing

  • The lite version is priced at $69
  • the standard is $149
  • advanced is $299, and
  • the enterprise plan is $499.

3) Mangools Tools-

Established in 2014, Mangools Tools is one of the most user-friendly SEO tools. They also provide a 10-day free trial. This innovative software has a friendly user interface, and you do not have to be tech-savvy to use their SEO tools. They also provide free learning tools, which endow them with an edge over other SEO software. They have the best database for long tail and short tail keywords. You can manage your SERP ranks, and they provide you with constant online support if you run into any trouble. It also lets you monitor your rival’s website authority and take advantage of their shortcomings.

Mangools Pricing

It provides a

  • basic plan at $29.90/month,
  • a premium plan at $39.90/month, and
  • a mangools agency plan at $79.90/month.

4) Ninja Outreach-

This SEO software is best suited for huge companies. It allows you to work on several websites for your company’s brand awareness. Anyone can use this software owing to the simplicity of their SEO tools. It saves a lot of time with efficient plans and means, which lets you focus on the desired audience. It helps you promote your reach on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Ninja Outreach Pricing

The plans start at $189/month and end at $499/month. You can also request them for a custom plan tweaked according to you or your company’s needs. It also offers a 7-day risk-free trial. 

5) SpyFu-

SpyFu is one of the software to provide unlimited searches, unlimited projects, and unlimited exports.

The list of SEO instruments that SpyFu provides is SEO competitor analysis, SEO keyword research, competitor backlinks, domain comparison, and rank tracker, among other online expansion tools. SpyFu has monthly as well as annual plans. 

SpyFu Pricing

The yearly plans are comparatively cheaper. The plans are divided into basic, professional, and team plans. 

The basic monthly plan costs $39/month, while the yearly plan costs $33/month. 

The professional monthly plan costs $79/month; moreover, the basic yearly plan costs $58/month. 

The monthly team plan costs $299/month, and the basic yearly plan costs $199/month.

6) Link-able

This platform allows you to connect with authors that create SEO content for you. It lets you gain access to famous websites with the help of skilled authors.

It saves your time as authors help you look for backlinks. Authors help you with supreme quality content, which helps generate organic traffic to your website.

They allow you with the strategic growth of your brand to create an online awareness of your enterprise. They provide you with insightful and innovative content that helps you in becoming an industry leader.

Linkable Pricing

Linkable does not come cheap. Authors here charge approximately $!50-$1000 for creating a single backlink depending upon the weight of the work. The cost depends on many factors that include the Domain Authority of the website and the link attribute.

7) Surfer SEO-

This software caters to the needs of freelancers, agencies, and in-house teams. This is a very easy-to-use software, and at the same time, it provides excellent services. You get services like SERP analyzer, content editor backlinks & visibility, keyword research, NLP analysis, and report white labeling. The software can also generate Google bot screenshots for your website. You get audio as well as a content editor according to the plan you choose. The basic plan’s cost stands at $59/month; for the pro plan, you pay $99/month, and for the business plan, you spend $199/month. This software is comparatively cheaper and can be opted for by new companies who do not have a huge budget.

8) SEOPressor Connect-

This software is known as the best grammar checker SEO tool in the world. It provides you with an on-page analysis of your website. It offers instant feedback and provides SEO intelligence. They also have semantic builder, crawler-control, and link management. They make sure that you do not do anything extra and help you avoid over-optimization. It starts at $9/month and is one of the cheapest SEO software out there.

9) SEO Powersuite-

This SEO toolkit covers all of your SEO needs. It offers services that include keywords, rankings, backlinks, on-page and content data. They also dabble with mobile SEO, social media and provide analytics and reports. You can download the software for free. There are paid versions. The first is the professional $299/year plan, and the second is the enterprise $699/year plan.

10) KW Finder by Mangools- KW Finder is a set of SEO tools that help you be the best in your industry. They provide services like keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and SEO metrics and insights. The basic monthly plan is $29.90/month, the premium plan is priced at $39.90/month, and the agency plan is priced at $79.90/month. You save 40% if you take the annual plan. You can search for keywords 24/7 and get keyword suggestions as well. 

11) Long Tail pro-

this SEO software helps you with long-tail keywords so that your pages, ads, and websites appear higher in search engine results. They have a huge database that prompts hundreds of long-tail keywords when you enter a seed keyword. It lets you run a keyword and gives you an analysis based on 13 metrics. The keyword profitability is then determined with the aid of the rank value. You can get a 7-day free trial. The paid versions start at $98/month for the annual agency plan, $45/month for the annual pro plan, and $25/month for the annual starter plan.

12) SERP Woo-

It aids you with making online marketing decisions. It offers deep SERP tracker analysis and ranking. It gives you a dashboard that lets you monitor keyword research, on-page SEO analysis, and rank tracking. It helps you with ORM and SEO campaigns. You get an array of professional features and help you cut the time that you spend worrying about your marketing decisions. They have bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans that start at $49.95/month and end at $299.95/month. SERP Woo provides unique features like local ranking, historical data, tagging, and analyses.

13) AccuRanker-

It is the world’s fastest keyword rank tracker. They present updated keywords every 24 hours, and you can get instant data updates. They offer one-on-one practice sessions that help you develop and spread out your business with the best SEO tools. They also help you with dazzling customized company logos and also make a social media presence. It allows third-party integration that helps you control everything from one place. The monthly plan is priced at $109/month, and the yearly plan is $10 cheaper and costs $99/month.

14) Siteimprove-

This software helps your company with cloud-based tools and services for website governance. Siteimprove gives you control o your website and helps you exponentially increase your website’s sales. It curates SEO schemes so that you can track the results of your keyword, SERP, analysis of competitors, and many more things. They provide you with specially tailored SEO plans that are best suited for your website and business growth and get on-page diagnostics also. You can request a quote for your website as they tailor a unique plan for each client according to the demands and needs.

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